Monday, August 10, 2015

Top Ten Reasons You Need a Newborn Stash

We decided to cloth diaper Baby A long before he was born. So, when he arrived, we had our newborn stash prepped and ready to go. We put on his first cloth (TotsBots TeenyFit) the day we got home from the hospital and never looked back. 

But I've talked to a lot of people who are overwhelmed at the thought of dealing with cloth and a newborn. They decide to use disposables until they've got everything else under control. I've also talked to people who are enthusiastic about cloth diapering from day one, but plan to use one-size diapers on their itty-bitty newborn. 

Disposable diapers and one-size cloth will both get the job done and keep your baby healthy and dry, but I'm here to make the case for a separate newborn stash for your little squish.

The Top Ten Reasons You Need a Newborn Stash

  1. Ease. Cloth diapering is never easier than the newborn stage. Even poopy diapers can go straight from the bum to the washer. It's a great way to get started. 
  2. Better fit. Your one size diapers won't fit properly until your baby is at least 10 pounds and depending on your baby's shape, may not fit perfectly until your baby is 12 or 13 pounds. 
  3. Great value. You will be changing your newborn a lot. A lot. More than you dreamed possible. If you're thinking of cloth for the cost savings, newborn cloth maximizes it because those endless poopy diapers go in the wash, not the trash.  
  4. Preparedness. No late-night runs to the 24 hour Walgreens for overpriced disposables! You'll always have a diaper ready for your baby. 
  5. High resale value. When you're ready to de-stash, newborn diapers get top dollar because they're used for a relatively short time.  
  6. Easy dressing. Cloth diapers make for the cutest outfits! Just add a t-shirt, and maybe some baby legs, and your baby is cute and comfy as can be. 
  7. Fewer leaks. Even if your baby comes home from the hospital at over 10 pounds, one-size diapers are not quite the right shape for many little ones. Newborn diapers fit better around their skinny newborn legs until they can grow those delicious thigh rolls. 
  8. You're awake anyway. It's not hard to throw in an extra load of laundry when you're awake all hours of the day and night feeding your newborn.  
  9. Re-purposeable. One of the most popular newborn diapering combos is a prefold diaper with cover. Once your baby outgrows the prefolds, you can reuse them as doublers for added absorbency. (And I'm told they make great dust cloths many years down the road!)
  10. Cuteness! You can't beat tiny fluffy bums for adorable!


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