Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Don't Cloth Diaper...YET Giveaway - CLOSED

It's finally here! Our Second "I Don't Cloth Diaper...YET" giveaway!! Spread the word about cloth diapers and how amazing they are!!

The rules are simple. If you don't cloth diaper yet, you can enter. That means that you have never cloth diapered before. If you are unsure about cloth diapering or would love to try, but don't have the money to start - this contest is for you!! Or even better - do you know people who cloth diaper and think that they are crazy? Then enter to win and see for yourself how great (and easy) cloth diapering is! We would love to get updates from the winners a couple months from now to see how everything is working out!!

Want to win but do you already cloth diaper? Refer your friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, strangers...anyone to the giveaway!! If they win and say that you referred them, then you win a $25 gift card to Fluff Envy!

The prizes are pretty fabulous...so please give the sponsors some much needed love! During the course of the contest, I will be posting spotlight posts about each sponsor. It will tell a little bit about them, what products they have and what they have donated. There will also be links to their Facebook and Twitter pages, blogs, newsletters, etc. Please do them a favor and look them up. It is not required but it would be VERY appreciated!! If you would like an easy way to follow them on Facebook, you can look at Fluff Envy's favorite pages and mark them that way :)

So do you want to know what the prizes are?? It is still preliminary but I can share what I have so far. I will continue to update the prize baskets as the contest rolls along. This is a list of what we have - these items will be broken out into 3 prize baskets at a later date.

3 Booroi covers and 3 sets of 6 Prefolds
3 AppleCheeks Little Bundles
1 Bummis Kit (1 Super Whisper Wrap, 1 Super Brite, 6 Organic Prefolds, 1 Pack BioSoft Liners, 1 Package of Fleece Liners, 1 Fabulous Wet Bag)
6 Pairs of Baby Legs
1 Bum Essentials Bumbino One-Size Diaper and Bum Pad
1 Lollidoo Overnight Eco-Pocket Diaper
3 CJ's BUTTer (1 Spritz, 1 Tube & 1 Stick)
1 Knickernappies One-Size Diaper with Loopy Do Insert
1 Katydid One-Size Diaper
1 Thirsties Diaper Bundle (1 Duo Diaper, 1 Duo Wrap, 1 Stay Dry Duo Insert)
1 Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Longies
3 Blueberry Minky Diapers with bamboo inserts
3 Swaddlebees 10-packs of cloth wipes
3 Pink Daisy Pairs of Nursing Pads
3 Swaddlebees Wet Bags

Are you ready to enter?? Please leave ONE comment only and include:
1 - your email address
2 - why you should win and who you would be cloth diapering
3 - who referred you (if you win, the person who sent you here will win a $25 Fluff Envy gift card!)

Contest is open to everyone worldwide!! Please note that winners outside the US will be asked to cover shipping charges in excess of the cost to ship to the US. Please only one comment. Duplicate entries will be deleted. If you forget to mention something in your first post, please do another comment and repeat everything - as the incomplete post will be deleted.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to be sure you get all of the updates to the giveaway too!

If you would like more information on cloth diapering, please feel free to contact me - I can pass along my Cloth Diaper 101 handouts. Also be sure to check out this blog post to see how affordable cloth diapering really can be :)

You have until Tuesday, November 30th at midnight CST to enter. Winners will be selected via random.org and announced Wednesday, December 1st and will have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize.

*Rules subject to change*


  1. Chrystal A chrystals_homies@msn.com

    I would love to give cloth diapering a shot.Ive used disposables for 4 years and have been thinking about breaking that cycle. I would use cloth diapers on my 2 year old and baby #3.

    Christy Reed sent me!

  2. shannabishop@ymail.com

    I was not referred by anyone!

    I would LOVE to try to start cloth diapering. I do not have the money to start and everytime
    I think I am going to get to start something comes up and I have to use that money for something else. My son has had diaper rash after diaper rash from disposable diapers and I REALLY want to get him out of them! I am hoping to have another baby soon and I would like to have the diapers to start cloth diapering from the beginning with them! So I would REALLY REALLY REALLY love to win this and start..especially to keep the diaper rash aways!!

  3. Amber N.

    I would love to CD my two daughters! Olivia is 2 and keira who is 4 months old. My youngest is allergic to most disposables and wipes. Fragrances irritate her skin. Being able to give CD a try would be great! I can't afford the initial start up cost to use them....Been saving! Also would be great b/c we plan on 1-2 more children....I can reuse them! :) I hope to win!!!

  4. I would love to try CD. I have a 6 yr old and we are expecting our second early next summer. I have 2 great friends who have been using clothe diapers on their sons and rave about it.


    Nikki Weiland sent me :)

  5. My name is Andrea and I would be cloth diapering my son Austin. I would love to win because my husband both lost our job shortly after finding out we were pregnant and have had not luck finding work. Also, we put out too much trash with all those disposable diapers! I was referred by Christy Reed. Thanks!

  6. dmsnider2@hotmail.com

    I am due with my first baby in April 2011 and I am considering cloth diapering for all the great benefits.. However, I am a bit nervous. It seems like a big commitment finanically to be so uncertain. I would love the chance to try out some products before I buy!

    I was referred by Leslie Straessley

  7. christina@theprobeyahns.com

    My name is Christina. I am pregnant with triplets and hope to be able to cloth diaper them all! I know diapers are expensive any which way you go about it, but with triplets every cost is 3x! I used disposables on my older son and he always had diaper rash. Hoping to avoid that with the triplets!

    Referred to Fluff Envy by Melina Simonds

  8. rie_rie_03@yahoo.com

    My name is Marie, I would LOVE to try and cloth diaper my 17 month old son and our next baby which would be baby # 4 for us. I have always wanted to try cloth diapering but have never been able to afford buying them because something always comes up. I'm a SAHM to 3 boys ages 6, 4 & 17 months and cloth diapering would save us so much money in the long run since we will be TTC baby # 4 in a couple of months. I'm excited about the maybe being able to cloth diaper my son and our next baby!!!

    I was referred by Jennifer Lutz

  9. My name is Christina and I'd like to try cloth diapering because I have a little one (my first!) on the way in April and diapers are expensive (and cloth is expensive to experiment with I see!) I'm not sure if I could do it but I'd love to try. Thanks!
    Connie Tobin referred me.

  10. pinky8poo@gmail.com

    My cousin started cloth diapering her son and brought the idea up to me and I only thought it made sense since I was out of work and now a stay at home mom. I really didn't pursue it much after because our washer gave out and due to financial reasons couldn't afford one but, now we have a washer and a dryer and things are looking better and also talking about ttc #3. I currently have a 7 year old son and 1 year old daugher who is in disposables. If we won this would be so exciting and help our family out so much. Thank you for the opportunity!:) Good luck everyone

    I was reffered by Francine Miranda

  11. AJSchlic@gmail.com

    My name is Amy Marshall, I'm a new mom and I am currently using disposable diapers and it is so expensive. I just had my first child in July. Abby will be 4 months on the 12th of November.
    My cousin Melissa Weller referred me to your contest as she converted to cloth diapering in June with her son :-) Would love to understand why she is so happy with cloth diapering!

  12. cupnkey at gmail.com
    I'm a first time mom-to-be with little funds and a desire to help keep trash out of landfills!
    I have been following on FB for some time now and cannot remember who initially shared Fluff Envy with me. Sorry!

  13. my wife and I have been talking about it and are considering having another child. We would love to see what's its like. We were refered by Francine Miranda. She loves tye cloth diapers so we want to try them too.

  14. animal_doc2b at yahoo dot com

    I am pregnant with my second and now want to be a WAHM. I can't afford to dump money into disposables and really hated them anyways. I am a bit nervous about the cloth diapers for the (poop) aspect of it but have some friends who CD and swear by it. Hopefully it will work out great for us and be cheaper than disposables.

  15. rachel_biehl@juno.com

    I cannot wait to cloth diaper my kids. I don't have any yet, but some day. I know someone who's done it and they've convinced me. She is actually the one who referred me: Crystal from Biehl Adventures.

  16. sunnyemery@hotmail.com
    Referred by Melissa Huffines
    My husband suggested cloth diapers before our daughter was born. I wasn’t thrilled about the thought of all the work that I thought came with CD. However, now that our daughter is two months old and has constant diaper rash no matter what we try I have been looking into the idea a little more seriously. After a very thorough tutorial from my friend Melissa Huffines, I was pleasantly surprised that the old cloth diapers that I remember from my childhood are ancient history. Today’s CD’s are easy, economical, and adorable! I want very much to try them but the upfront cost is just not in our family’s budget right now.

  17. I am expecting my first child in February and my husband and I have been doing research on the wonderful world of cloth diapering. Many of my questions were answered at the fabulous Cloth Diapering 101 class at Fluff Envy, but I am still a bit overwhelmed by all the different brands and styles. Winning this amazing contest would be the perfect way to start our baby off in the right cloth diapering direction.

    Thanks for the opportunity


  18. emilymrasmussen@gmail.com
    I have been dying to get into cloth diapering. I have an adorable 5 month old boy named Ronin and I can just imagine his cute little tushy covered in all the washable goodness of a cloth diaper. I have been torn from what kind to use, hybrids, AIO, or pockets. I have been majorly torn about how much money it feels like upfront. My mother-in-law is kind enough to keep supplying me with disposables, I keep hinting that I'd like to go with cloth but she always makes mention of how hard it was when her boys were kids. I want to prove to her, and and husband that cloth diapering is really more economical and easy. Please help me. I also tried to come to your Cloth Diaper 101 class and my daughter got very sick and I couldn't make it. It was such a bummer. Anyway, I hope I win!

    I wasn't referred I found this sight while digging around on the web!

  19. 1 - mjsears79 at hotmail dot com

    2 - My husband & I are expecting our first child (1/12/11). I would love to start off on the right foot by cloth diapering as I think it will be best for their skin. Plus the waste of disposibles (physically & financially) is crazy when you add it all up. It is overwhelming with all the choices out there for styles, brands & preferences - so to make a financially wise investment is tough; especially for someone new to cloth diapering. Winning a prize package would be a huge help to alleviate some of guess work as we'd be able to try several things to find what works best for us. Also financially not having to make that investment upfront until we know what we like, works & fits our baby. All my friends & family (husband included) think I'm crazy for wanting to do this but I believe we will have a happier/healthier baby because of it!

    3 - Referrer: Cloth Diaper and EC Babies http://ecbabies.weebly.com/

    Thank you for offering the chance to win this gift!

  20. Not sure I'm brave enough, but I think I'm ready to try. Baby #1 is (almost) out of his diaper days, but baby #2 will be here in January and I am seriously thinking of cloth. If only I could convince my husband....
    Pick me!
    Erin eringracegray@hotmail.com
    Kim Noel tipped me off to the contest :)

  21. 1. jessica.croshaw@gmail.com

    2. If I won this amazing giveaway, CD'ing would be my new passion! My neighbor, an avid fan of CD, handed me a bag of diapers last week to try on our fourth baby {our first boy!}. I have been trying them over the past few days and after I got the washing down, I started to believe that this is something I could do. The hardest part for us if the upfront cost of buying the supplies you need to CD. Over time, CD is obviously less expensive {and better for the Earth!} but it is an expense to begin. With four kids, there aren't a lot of extra pennies lying around! :) This giveaway would help with this problem. Plus, the CD's are just so dang cute on my babies butt! I truly hope I win this giveaway so I can begin to be a CD'ing momma! Thank you for the opportunity.

    Referral{s}: Kristen Huss and Holly 'Helminiak' Johnson

  22. lindsaymerickson@shaw.ca

    I would love to try cloth diapers. I would be diapering our first baby, who is due in February. I've always known I would like to use cloth, but the initial cost is a little intimidating. It would be great to get to try several different kinds of diapers too.

    I was referred by my friend Ana Parker

  23. Melissa Johnson Mmayw99@hotmail.com

    My daughter is 4 months old and I am already, filling the landfills! I also feel like I am just throwing money out the window buying disposable diapers and I would really really love to start cloth! This sound like a great way to start!

    I was referred by Kendra Vogiatzoglou

  24. Lauraebrammer@yahoo.com

    I should win because I need to stop filling the trash/landfill with so many diapers! We have 3 kids in diapers and take out one really full bag of trash everyday. Being a SAHM & having twins means we have limited funds and any help would be awesome. I would be diapering my 4 month old twins & my 2 year old.

    I was referred by Melissa Huffines

  25. My Email is Jana.Rourk@gmail.com
    I've used disposables on my twin boys (2.5 yrs) and just got them potty trained! I gave a 10 mo. old daughter, Nora Grace. She'd have the fancy fanny if I'd win. My friend, Noreen Smith is a faithful cloth diaperer and a great friend. She sent me here.

  26. 1 - megan.brubaker@zimmer.com
    2 - I would love to be able to cloth diaper my son (2) and my daughter (5 months), we just do not have the means to do the start up costs. Everytime I go to the store to buy diapers it makes me cringe and the thought of money I am literally throwing away. I have heard cloth diapering helps potty train quicker, which is defintely something I am hoping for sometime soon, and since we are planning on TTC#3 I would be able to get even more use out of them.
    3 - Lyndsey Gillespie is the one who referred me and the one who has me defintely considering cloth diapering.

  27. hdtoolgirl@hotmail.com

    I would love to start "going cloth" for sooooo many reasons . . . it is a much more responsible and logical solution to disposables, better for our environment and preserving our resources for our children, better for little one's skin, easier transition to potty training, not to mention they look adorable! The initial cost is very intimidating during a time when it is difficult to keep food on the table and roof over the family. I would be CD'ing my infant daughter and toddler son.
    Not referred by anyone.

  28. Michelle BordonaroNovember 3, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    I would love to cloth diaper again. I love the colors and all the choices. I would be cloth diapering my 18 month old now and saving them for my future children. I hate wasting money on disposables but my husband won't let me spend the money on cloth.
    Tawnya Steenerson referred me.

  29. Kendra Lopez: kennyjack_2006@yahoo.com

    I would love to give cloth diapering a shot, but being amilitary family, money is on a tight budget adn so this would give us the opportunity to try it and see what all the hype is about. I would be cd our soon to be baby boy, due Dec 29! I have a 3yr old girl and only used disposables because didnt know anyone that had done cloth diapering and still dont know anyone around me so maybe I will also meet some parents! I would love to give it a try, Thanks for the opportunity!

    I wasnt refered by anyone, have been doing a little research and found yall!

  30. 1. danellefrench at gmail dot com
    2. I am hoping to cloth diaper my second child (who is now overdue). With my first I did so much research and fell in love with the idea of cloth. Bought a small stash (when she was about 8 months old)but found I just couldn't keep up with the laundry and working at the time and I didn't have the funds to build a bigger stash- plus a hubby who was willing to try but didn't really get it....I gave up and stuck with my sposies.
    3. I guess I referred myself- I still keep tabs on a lot of cloth diaper sites around since I really do love them!

  31. 1. amandajramsey@gmail.com
    2. I am expecting twins, and have a 2 1/2 year old who is still in disposibles :( The reason I didn't cloth diaper with my son is that my husband was so anti-cloth diaper and refused to participate... Well, since he has left me since getting me pregnant with the twins, I guess I can do whatever I want this time around, since it will only be me. The only problem is I don't think I will be able to afford cloth diapers, because I am off work indefinitely for this pregnancy (hyperemesis, I'm on IV fluids and have a PICC line), I have no savings, and the only money coming in is the paltry child support he is paying. :( I would love to be able to cloth diaper this time, it's just so much better for the babies and the world in general. If I could win this contest I would definitely be a cloth diapering Momma!
    3. Referred to be a fan of your facebook by Mandy Lutzka.

  32. 1 k_banman@yahoo.com
    2 We will be cloth diapering beginning with Babe #2, arriving in March. Have already started collecting some diapers for our stash, but cannot afford to buy new, so they are all pre-loved. Would love to have something new for this baby to call his/her own.
    3 Cloth Diaper and EC Babies sent me

  33. God Bless my friend Tonya Hawkins who sent me to you. I have been considering give CD'ing a shot for awhile now and with finances getting tighter, my son being extra sensitive to chemicals and what have you, thinking now is a great time. WOuld love to win a couple to try out too. So many to choose from. I dont know how or where to begin in the buying of myself...hehe Besides that tnhink it would be great fun to try these out, and blog it out to those I know out there who are wary, as am I, about spemnding big bucks without being able to give it a whirl first :--)

    God Bless!

    Jennifer King

  34. 1- tannis_z at excite dot com
    2- the cloth diapers would be used on a future baby of mine (hopefully). I would love to win b/c we don't have garbage pickup, so we have to take our garbage away ourselves. And from what I've heard if using disposables, you have a big pile in no time! I also have quite sensitive skin and hope that my children won't have the same issues, but if they do, cloth diapers would be better for the skin than disposables!
    3- Tara E referred me

  35. My name is Leah and I have a 15 month old son. I have used sposies since he was born. When he was a few months old, I started to consider cloth diapering, but at that point, I had quit my job to become a SAHM, so we didn't have the funds. Several of my friends cloth diaper or have just started to cloth diaper and I would really love to do it to save money and to use for the next baby.
    Sarah Slemp sent me.


  36. My name is Lisa. I am pregnant with child number 2. I would love to try cloth diapers because I am looking for a way to stay at home with my children and save some money. I think this would be an easy way to work toward that goal. I am also very interested in saving the environment and cutting back on waste. My friend, Leslie Straessley referred me. Please consider picking me! Thank you.

  37. joymccarron3@yahoo.com

    I am currently pregnant with my sister and brother-in-law's baby. My sister, Jeannine, would like to try cloth diapering and I will also be cloth diapering since I will be watching the baby when she goes back to work. I used disposables on my 3 daughters, so this will be a new experience. When I went to your class with my sister, we agree that cloth diapering is a great alternative for the baby and the environment!! :D

    I was referred by Jeannine McCarron

  38. Cheyenne Lee shine.xo at gmail dot com

    I would love to try cloth diapering! I know I'd be saving money in the long run, but it's quite expensive to get started and so I have not yet tried it. I have to admit I was a little intimidated thinking about cd'ing, but the more I think about it the more I want to make the change! I have a six year old and wish I had known about cd'ing back then- I didn't even know anyone who did it at that time. But now I have a seven week old and I want to do what's best for her as well as what's best for the environment.

  39. 1. Amy Robinson

    2. I am entering this contest to cloth diaper my first child due Dec 14! My hubby was allergic to disposables as a child and I am allergic to latex (found in most diapers) so there is no question that we are going to be a cloth family. But since I was taken off work at 26 weeks, money has been really tight and there is still so much we need to sucessfully cloth our child. I have my fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!

    3. I was referred by my friend Lisanne!


  40. lilmizoohlala@yahoo.com

    With three little ones in Diapers, Cloth diapering is something I've been dying to try for about a while now. But I just can't seem to get the Funds together to give them a shot. I love that not only would we saving some MUCH needed money we'd also be cutting back on our eviromental waste a ton!
    Another HUGE reason I would like to try Cloth diapers, and probably the most importnant for me is that My kids have super-senstive skin and almost always have some sort of rash. I spend a small fortune on all natural, Perfume and dye free everything for them, and nothing seems to help their little bottoms. I have a 3 month old, a 15 month old and a 30 month old ( who shows NO interest in the " Big Boy" potty, so I think we'll be in diapers for at least a few more months with him.
    Bryn Whittington Melo sent me!
    Thank you for considering me!

  41. Jamie

    I am due in February with a baby girl and I would love to cloth diaper her! I want to do what is best for her and also what is best for the environment. Thank you so much for a chance to win!

    I was referred by Jessica Snell

  42. Carissa jctlanning@hotmail.com

    I am due with #4 in May and I would absolutely LOVE to CD, but with #4 on the way and not wanting to plan for any more babies (we want to adopt, but maybe in the 2-4 yr age range) I don't know how I feel about spending all that money for just one. Being a military family, money is pretty tight and if #4 is a boy (would be our ONLY boy!) we'd have to start over on clothes and toys and such, making it even more expensive!


  43. Barbara Davis

    I have a 8 month old and would love to try clothing diapering with her. She always gets diaper rashes and I read that cloth diapers reduce rash. I also love that they are GREEN and would save us money. Thanks for the Great Contest!

    I was referred by Belinda Parker

  44. 1 - jenidmp@gmail.com
    2 - I reckon I "should win" b/c I haven't tried cloth diapers even though I have researched them for, literally, years; b/c I want to reduce my carbon footprint; and I need to reduce my expen$es. I'd be diapering my 10-mo-old boy Keegan
    3 - Referred by Sally Wilson

  45. 1. caley.kolb@loop.colum.edu
    2. I am expecting my first child in February, whom I plan to cloth diaper. My aunt cloth diapers my cousin so I got to see how easy it is to do and really got me interested in it. After a bit of online research I saw how much money I would save in doing so and I was convinced, because being a full time student I need to save all the money I can! I also love the fact that it is great for the earth : )
    3. Angie Kelly referred me

  46. 1. cgsutton06@hotmail.com
    2. I recently had BBB triplets. I also have a 4 year old. With the cost of daycare I had to quit my job...that has left us really strapped for money. We will be trying to sell our house soon due to the price of living and now living on one income with 3 additional people. I've thought about cloth diapers, and at the rate we go through them it looks like it is going to be the best way to go.
    3. Christina Probeyahn referred me

  47. amberj1125@live.com

    would be CD'ing my 17 month old. would also like to cd if we have another

    no referral

    thank you!

  48. Rheannonward@yahoo.com

    I want to try CD because it looks more comfortable and safe for children. Not only that but it will save on spending. We are on one income as well and I refuse to spend money on disposible diapers when I can buy a few cloth diapers and be set until she is a toddler. I am really excited to try them out.

    Summer Len Davis referred me :)

  49. I am going to be starting to cloth diaper, but the price of getting a stash is really daunting. At this point, I have ONE diaper... so I can't start yet...
    I have a 2 year old, 34 pound toddler and a 5 month old, 16 pound baby I'd be CD'ing. Both boys.
    Nobody referred me, and my e-mail is thebassgal@yahoo.com.

  50. yagoofy@hotmail.com

    I would love to put my baby in cloth diapers! I've only heard wonderful things about them and I feel so bad for my poor little 5 month baby's bum everytime I put her in those hot, plastic diapers. I definitely can't afford to start right now and my husband freaks out about the cost so being able to try them so he could see how great they are would be wonderful! Kalea (my baby) deserves the best!

    My friend, Carlie Madsen, raves about these!

  51. jack4356@hotmail.com

    I was referred to Fluff Envy from my friend Atina Roberts. She said it was like my other favorite page, The Leaky B@@B but for cloth diapering, a place to go and ask any and all questions referring to cloth diapering. I currently use disposables with my 2 yr old and we are having a time. I have had problems with her blowing out the sides and up her back with explosions during the 15 months I breastfed and was told that doesn't happen with cloth, also, I have had a time with diaper rash and was told it didn't happen as often if at all with cloth diapers. I have heard nothing but wonderful, positive things about cloth diapers except for the expense!! We are discussing trying for a 2nd baby but we are a one income family so I can be a SAHM and are worried the start-up will be expensive. I need something like this to help us get started!!

  52. After the investment, I sure could use the cost savings of cloth diapering... not to mention the consumable wastes and environmental impact this change could have.

    Referred by wonderful friend who's done tons of searching... Ms. Christina, expecting triplets, christina@theprobeyahns.com.


  53. hergaboker@aol.com

    I've been using disposables for about 3 years now with my first child, mainly because I didn't know anyone who cloth diapered and therefore knew NOTHING about them.

    Now that I have so many Facebook friends who use cloth, I've become much more informed and determined to put Baby Girl--due January 2011--in nothing but cloth.

    I was referred by Cyndi Richardson.

  54. mjgmacleod@yahoo.com

    I would cloth diaper my 3rd and last child. I've always wanted to cloth diaper, but never had the guts. My youngest is nearing one year old and I'm running out of time to try it! :) Pick me!!! :)

    I was referred when I searched #clothdiapering on twitter

  55. tlbolanos@gmail.com

    I would like to give cloth diapering a try for my 3 month old son. I also have a 3 year old that I had to use cloth diapers on for a few weeks while he had a staph infection on his bottom, however, I didnt know much about how cloth diapering has changed and used the old school cloth with diaper pins and it was hard. I would like to give the "new way" of cloth diapering a try!
    Referred by Christy Reed

  56. jemafa426@yahoo.com

    I should win because I really want to cloth diaper for many reasons. It saves money in the long run, but is expensive up front and my husband and I are doing our best to make ends meet. It is very eco-friendly and I believe safer for my child. This is our first and I'm due in two months. I would be cloth diapering him (it's a boy) and our following children. Winning a giveaway like this would be so helpful.

    Kathleen Tagg referred me.

  57. I have a child who is potty training and I would love to try the cloth diapers on her, it would save so much needed money, and maybe help her want to get her into underwear.

  58. aaadams04@live.com

    I should win because I have sunk thousands of dollars into disposable diapers for my twin boys. I don't have the funds to front what we would need to start the boys on diapering the eco-friendly way! I would love the opportunity to try what everyone is talking about! I also have never won anything in my life, so what a great investment this would be and saving the 100+ diapers I am throwing in the landfills weekly!

    I was referred by Carly Billhimer

  59. My daughter Ashlyn and I were sent here by Sarah Rank. Almost 90% of all my mommy friends cloth diaper. They are always talking about the benefits and it has sparked my interest. I don't have the knowledge that they do so I've always been hesitant to start. It's also rather expensive to get started and I don't even know which diapers will be best or work for us. I think that Ashlyn and I should win so that we can get started on our journey to a happy and healthy fluffy little booty!

    Our email is, hotteanapples@aol.com

  60. Lorraine Hayden

    Have a 3 month old and new to cloth diapering. Would love to give it a try.

    Referred by Laura Light

  61. Hi, my email address is kelly.m.isaacson@gmail.com
    I think I should win because I would just love the opportunity to try something new with my first baby, who is due in January. I will be the first in my family who is cloth diapering..I want to inspire them to try CDing for future babies!
    My friend Krystal Brandstatter referred me!
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  62. I would love to win! We are planning to start a family early next year and would be so excited to be able to welcome a new little one into the world with cloth diapers. My sister always raves about how great they are but it's a little bit of a scary concept for me still and the cost is a lot for us. None of my friends use cloth and I'd love to be able to get the ball rolling for them too. willoughbyam@yahoo.com

    Referred by my sister: Pamela Morris, mother of three (2 of which are in cloth diapers)

  63. alexis4castr@yahoo.com

    I have been wanting to start cding for 6 months now!!!!! It is just a large investment to begin!! With DH the only one working right now, it is tough to even spend $15 for sposies. I really want to try cloth. DH is on board, but not for our 16 month old but for future babies. Lol! I am considering sewing my own but then I have to buy a snap press. I would be cding my 16 month old dd and any future babies. Hope 1 or 2 more.

    Referred by Amy Clemons

  64. lilmrsarbour@hotmail.com

    My Family Thinks Im Crazy Because Im The First In My Family That Wants To Go With Cloth.
    I Try To Explain That They Are Not The Same As The Ones 40 Years Ago. lol. I Think Saving Our Earth Is The Best Thing Ever. I Want To Help Out In Any Way That I Can. So I Want To Win So That Way I Can Show Everyone Its Not As Bad As They Think.. I Do Not Have Any Children Yet But Have Been Trying For Almost 2 Years. I Have Put All My Faith In The Lord.. **Maybe This Diaper Will Bring Me Luck(** :D PLEASE PICK ME <3

    Thanks: Amy C. For Referring Me :)

  65. mk_mitchell90 at hotmail dot com

    I plan on using cloth on my first child!

    Tiffany M referred me!

  66. amber@baileylove.com

    I know ONE person who uses cloth in my conservative midwestern area, and she has done all the hard work researching and trying out the various options, so I know these are great products. I am expecting our second baby (our oldest is potty training) and would love to stir things up among local moms by showing them it's not scary or difficult, but easy, fun, and beneficial.

    Lyndsey Gillespie referred me.

  67. quakergalATyahooDOTcom

    I really want to switch to using cloth on our 8month old son. He is really sensitive and I want to put a little amount of chemicals on his skin as possible. We are currently using environmentally friendly disposables, but would really like to switch to cloth.

    I was originally reffered to I <3 Fluff by budda bunz

  68. susan23@rogers.com

    I have been wanting to CD for a while now, I just have not had the money to put out all at once. I have two older children plus I have a 15 month old and Due in March with my 4th. I would like to cloth diaper my 15 month old daughter until she is potty trained then cloth diaper the new baby. Not only will it save us money, Cloth diapering is much better for the environment. I hope this will give me a much needed start at cloth diapering : )

    I was not referred by anyone, I found you on my own : )

  69. Leslie Malone
    livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com

    This would be great for my niece who currently uses cloth diapers.

    mom2boys(Belinda Parker) referred me :)


  70. Destiny King
    I have been wanting to cloth diaper since I had my first daughter in March 2008. Since then I have had another daughter in April 2009, and I am due in June 2011 with my third child. It is much more cost effective than buying disposable diapers. I just never seem to be able to come up with the money to start doing it. I think winning this would give me a great start to my stash. I would be using them on my 18 month old, and the new baby.
    Thank you :)
    I wasn't referred by anyone.

  71. cassi_friend@hotmail.com

    I am expecting my first baby in 9 weeks and decided yesterday that I am going to use cloth diapers for Little Jackson when he comes. I met a mom yesterday who uses cloth diapers for her little girl and I was so inspired to use them for my new baby as well. When I first thought about cloth diapering I was scared it would be a huge mess and pain and after I saw how easily she did it I was so encouraged to do it too. It's the best thing for my baby, the environment and also the pocketbook! I would love to win your giveaway to get started with cloth diapering. Thank you for the hard work you put into getting it together. You will be such a blessing to someone!!

    I was also referred by Belinda Parker. (thank belinda!!)

  72. Leah &amp; baby SquirtNovember 8, 2010 at 7:33 AM


    i am currently pregnant with my husband's and i first child. i know my mom used cloth diapers on my siblings and i when we were little and i don't like the waste factor involved in disposables, i am thinking about attempting to use cloth diapers! winning the prize would help be a step in the right direction!!! Christy Rivers invited me to Fluff Envy and actually informed me about the contest too!! can't wait for baby squirt to come!!

  73. My sister in law uses your diapers and has sold me! This child has been the best thing ever to happen and nothing can rain on my parade. However winning would certainly make a nice float to be in the parade!
    Sister in laws name is Ashley Altom Dazey she refereed me to your site and told me about the contest. Hope to hear from you soon.

  74. danielle@delayniecooperdesigns.com

    I've wanted to use cloth and just can't afford it. We have a 5 month old boy that has skin sensitivites so I know cloth would be best for him. I am working toward designing my own line of diapers based on the knowledge of others but it's very overwhelming for someone who has never even had hands on cloth!

    I was referred my Jessica Browne.

  75. loveablekiki7456@yahoo.com

    I would love to try cloth diapers... i just don't like all the chemicals they use in baby products now days and this would be one step closer to keeping those chemicals away from my 3 month old lil girl ! I would love to win this would be a great help to get started !

    Jessica Browne reffered me!

  76. shannonforpeace@gmail.com

    I have always wanted to cloth diaper but the start up cost always gets me. I have a 1 1/2 year old still in diapers and a baby girl due in Feb. So cloth diapers would really help us save money! I have always wanted to be Eco Friendly with diapering my children.

    I was referred by Jessica Browne

  77. My email address is lilash_41@hotmail.com

    I am a mother of 2 and 1 on the way due in July (early). I would love to cloth diaper :) All of my friends do it and love it. I never had the funds for the start up costs :( I would so estatic if I won :) And to help the environment :)

    Thanks so much for this incredible giveaway <3

    I was referred by Jessica Browne :) She told us all about this fab giveaway :)

  78. My email address is: AKindom0811@gmail.com

    I would love to start cloth diapering for many reasons. I have a 13 month old daughter that lately has been getting bad diaper rash with teething, especially her molars, and I would love to cloth diaper to decrease diaper rash. I have heard that cloth diapering helps diaper rash immensely. Cloth diapering is better for the environment and will help us out financially. I have wanted to cloth diaper since I was pregnant, but the initial cost was very intimidating.

    Thank you :)

    I was referred by Jessica Browne.

  79. I would LOVE to try cloth diapers! However, like most moms I'm apprehensive to invest the money if I'm not sure how we will like it. We have a 9 1/2 month old baby girl and hope to try for baby #2 after the holidays...then babies 3 & 4 :-)
    With 4 babies in our future cloth diapers would be such a great way to help the earth and our wallet :-)

    Jessica Browne sent me

  80. patty27007@msn.com

    I would love to give cloth diapering a try - especially with all of the great new products available. I've only used disposables so far. My 4th baby is now 2 months old, and I'm ready to try this!

  81. My e-mail: hrochellegifford@yahoo.com

    I would love to be a CD Momma! I have been apprehensive to try, as I don't want to spend the money and find out it's too much work! I will be a mostly SAHM when baby #2 arrives in January, so I would like to try CDing our 14 mo. old son and our newborn son. I have heard that one-size diapers make it so efficient to CD more than one baby! I can't wait to see for myself!

    Referred by: Jessica Browne :)

  82. BrookeAaron124@yahoo.com

    I want to try CDing my 14 month old son. When my kids were born CD was too expensive so I never tried but in all reality I ended up paying more disposable in the long run. I would love to give it a try before he is out of diapers.

    Referred by Jessica Browne(she should win the gc just for being awesome and bringing us to this amazing site!!!)

  83. becky.franklin@shaw.ca

    I have been wanting to start cloth diapering my 14 month old, but my husband is very resistant to the idea and to the money it costs to start up. I would love to win this giveaway to prove to him that it's easier and more cost efficient than he thinks it would be. Also, we are planning on a third, who I would also like to cloth diaper.
    Referred by Jessica Browne.

  84. hillary.winters@att.net

    I want to cloth diaper my baby who is due next month! My husband has been really supportive but it is expensive buying all the stuff needed up front, although I know the costs are less than disposable diapering! I think it's important for everyone to take the personal responsibility to reduce their footprint on the earth and cloth diapering definitely helps!

    I was referred by Jessica Browne.

    Thanks for the giveaway, this is truly awesome!!

  85. bdescamps@gmail.com

    I have cloth diapered in the past and want to get back on the train. I have a one year old who NEEDS cute fluff for her little bum. I know how much better it is for her and our environment, and how much it would save us in the long run.

    Referred by Jessica

  86. aleserocksmysocks@hotmail.com

    I would love to try and CD! I have heard great things from friends about it! I have a one year old now and plan on having another soon!

    Jessica Browne is the best and she referred me!

  87. bthomas@zoomtown.com

    i have never used cloth diapers before but i desperately want to with this one. i am preggo with my third and we are really tight financially. winning this contest would be a huge blessing to our family!

    larissa underdown referred me!

  88. 1 - ocdcl@mail.com
    2 - I would love to cloth diaper. I have been wanting to since my son was born. We had some stuff but found out what I had was just crud. My daughter has continus diaper rashes and we just don't have the money to switch over. It's to expensive to get started even though in the long run you save money.
    3 - Dibs! Referred me :)

  89. RebeccaS05@hotmail.com

    Cloth diapering makes me nervous. I just don't know how it can work out for me. I know several people who do it and I would love to give it a try but I am being laid off soon and I just can't see spending that kind of money upfront for something that I just don't know if I would enjoy. I have a feeling though that once I start, it would be worth it. I know winning this contest would be the only way that I would be able to try out Cloth diapering.

    Dibs! referred me

  90. Heidi LIZ20062@YAHOO.COM

    i should win this because I am currently on maternity leave until the end of january and am not receiving any pay. I desperatley want to start cloth diapering and am unable to because I dont have the money to buy any. We are tryibng to be as eco friendly as we possibly can and this would be a great way do our contribution. I will be using the cloth diapers for my 11 week old daughter.

    Dibs refered me!

  91. Email - dragonflye2003(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Why - Because I want to cloth diaper sooo bad but just do not have the money to get started with it. My daughter (7 months) is the one we would be using cloth diapers for, and her bum is so sensitive to the disposables that we really should be doing cloth, but we just dont have the money =(

    Referred - Dibs! on facebook referred me!

  92. Icessfairey@aol.com

    I have never cloth diapered before my sister did for a little while before and <3 it...I just cant afford the diapers :( I have a 3yr old who only wears pullups at night and a 2yr old who wears diapers..I would love to start cloth diapering the 2yr old i just cant seem to find disposables that fit well he is in between sizes and it makes it real hard..I would love to win and be able to start cloth diapering and when i was done with them when he potty trains eventually lol I would donate them to another family who wanted to start cloth diapering but couldnt afford it :)
    oh and Dibs sent me :)

  93. tanja_1211@yahoo.com

    i have never uses cloth diapers and now that my daughter just turned 2 i want to give it a try, i have looked back and noticed all the money we spend on disposables and the waste we left behind. im not sure if i could get hubby on board to cloth diapers so if i would win one he would see how great they might be and change his mind. we also would love to have another little one in the future and i cant wait that long to try cloth diapers = )

    Dibs referred me!

  94. 1 - mollyp84@hotmail.com
    2 - I'm actually entering for a girl in my playgroup that thinks the rest of us are crazy for cloth diapering. She has no internet but I told her about this contest and she asked that I enter her. She would be cloth diapering her 6 month old son. She said if she could come across the supplies for free or really cheap she would at least give it a try. She's says she's not sure she'll like it but I know once she tries she'll be hooked. She's a single mom with low income and I'd love if she won this so she can get started!
    3 - Refered by me! Melanie Pellow.

  95. heidabear@hotmail.com

    I am in love with cloth diapers. But I can't afford too many at one time. We have a few that we wash every night, so I would be cloth diapering my LO and any future little ones!

    Referred by Jessica Holton!

  96. dezigurl358@yahoo.com

    I am wanting to start cloth diapering- I have read so much information on all the products and have no clue where to being. Money is and issue. Right when I have some set aside to purchase a diaper-a bill is due-a child is sick- someone needs new shoes.- It would be a great start to begin cloth diapering my baby girl of 5mths. Doing whats best for her and saving money!! I thank you for this opportunity to enter!

  97. juliet46151@yahoo.com dibs sent me.
    I am a mom of a 20 month old. she is my last child. I have 3 older boys.I want to start using cd's to help w potty training. They r so expensive to buy. When i do start getting them and savannah out grows them i have a friend that is expecting in dec. i will send them to her.I am helping her get her stash going.

  98. garnetrubysapphire@gmail.com

    I really would like to try cloth diapering. I have a 16 month old and baby #3 on the way due March. I would love to cloth diaper them both. Several friends cloth diaper their children and love it. This would definitely help us out since money is really tight right now and would also help me decide what ones work best for us.

    3 - Dibs! referred me

  99. cassondrafranco at hotmail.com

    We are expecting baby #1 in May and are considering cloth diapers. There is just SO many options and so much to learn! Also it seems like no one CDs in this region and I would be excited to change some minds!

  100. mademoore@gmail.com

    I would love to cloth diaper my 1 year old son, I dislike disposables so much ! The chemical smell turns my stomach!!

    I was not referred by anyone !

  101. My email address is sand0113@gmail.com

    My first living child is 8 weeks old today. We Ourve been rotating between Huggies Pure and Naturals and all of the diapers that we got for our baby shower. Aside from the convenience of just rolling them up and pitching them in the trash, I really don't like anything about the disposables. We definitely see a difference in her bum between the 'regular' sposies and the 'pure and natural' spoies, so I can only imagine what a difference there will be with cloth diapers. If I had not already been set and sold on cloth diapering before this, I would be now. I had planned to order stuff to get started when during the 'adjustment' period with our first born a year ago. Unfortunately, she never came home with us, so the ordering of CD supplies was put on hold. When we were pregnant with baby number 2, we received a g-diaper starter kit and a case of small refills. We have used some of these, and I am definitely ready to get started with cloth diapering. Unfortunately, I live in an area where people keep their heads in the sand about anything healthy or good for the environment. It doesn't make sense, since I live 2 miles from a HUGE landfill and everyone here sees how quickly it fills up, but it's all about convenience and waste, so finding people who cloth diaper is difficult. I have done much of my research online and I am getting ready to order quite a few different pocket diapers to try, as well as some prefolds to use in the g-pants. I am self-employed, and business has generally been up and down for a while; money is tight right now since I was on maternity leave for 6 weeks, and winning a basket full of different diapers could potentially save us some bucks as we get started, and also save us the aggravation of selling/trading the used diapers that don't work or that we don't like. I wasn't referred by anyone - I came over from your FB feed.

  102. Jon_n_jen@hotmail.com

    We are exspecting our 1st child and would love to do cloth diapers on her and it would help with our budget too.

    Jolie newman referred me

  103. thetruthmonster at gmail dot com

    I would love to cloth diaper when my baby is actually born (due Nov. 29th). The problem is my husband is very, VERY reluctant to dole out the cash for a decent stash, since he's currently the only one working and I don't plan on it until I'm done breastfeeding. I would love to show lots of my new momma friends how much healthier and nicer cloth diapers are.

    Dibs sent me

  104. I have 4 children who I have used disposable diapers on all of them. I am not sure I would like the mess or smell of cloth diapers but I would like to see how it goes because I have twins due in May and diapers are very costly. I have always thought people who use cloth were crazy but now I want to try. my email is sarah_kester@yahoo.com and Megan Stietz reffered me.

  105. 1mom4him@gmail.com

    My husband wanted to cloth diaper with our first baby and I was the one who was totally against it,, now we have several friends that cloth diaper and we are 5 months pregnant with baby #2 and are determined to cloth diaper when he/she arrives :)

  106. I'm the mother of 3 with my 4th baby on the way in March. I've always wanted to try cloth diapering but was always overwhelmed by the choices and the start up costs to begin. Winning a package like this would finally let me see what works best and hopefully stick to cloth diapering from here on out.

    my email: divastates at gmail dot com

  107. schifferer2@hotmail.com

    this is a great opportunity! i would like to try cloth diapers for the reasons that 1)its green 2) hopefully save money. i am due with my third child in three weeks. i would be using the diapers on the newborn and on the other children at night time.

  108. Anon-

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby. I used to poke fun at my brother for having to do all the laundry that goes with cloth diapers and @ a girlfriend who wanted environment friendly diapers for her shower. Now that I'm on my way to becoming a mother and am busy reading everything I can, I think this is the best choice for everyone-especially baby. Getting some free samples would certainly help kickstart our future with cloth diapers. And, yes I have let my brother's family know I now see the wisdom in their choices:)
    Erin Strong referred me.

  109. 1. Brandedlilly@hotmail.com

    I would love to use cloth diapers. My hubby and I are expecting our first baby and he suggested it before and I laughed at him because 'he doesn't do the laundry.' I also joked about my brother and his family because they used cloth diapers. Now I'm doing a ton of reading and research because I want to make the best choices for my baby and low- cloth diapers win hands down. It would be fantastic to try a few different options without all the cost involved.
    And to admit I was wrong in taking this decision lightly.
    Erin Strong referred me.

  110. niemav21@yahoo.com

    OMG, I have been dying to try cloth diapering out, and this is a very wonderful opportunity to try!! I have two in diapers now and Im sure I'll absolutely find that it is amazing! I know so many mommy friends who raves about how wonderful it is and I would love to finally jump in on the "fluff movement" HAHA!

    --Brandi Hodge referred me!

  111. stra7302 at gmail dot com
    I would cloth diaper my son. My sister has been trying to get me to switch, but I don't have the money to start.
    Referred by Rebecca Huss

  112. alcapone12547atyahoodotcom

    I would like to begin cloth diapering my seven month old daughter because she is allergic to all disposables. She suffers greatly from huggies and pampers especially. I bought two cloth diapers and unfortunately they are too small, and we don't have the resources to buy more right now, much like most other people I'm sure. I think cloth diapers are a most wonderful thing and I want to be eco-friendly and end my baby's disposable diaper burn once and for all!

  113. 1 - lararapp@aol(Dot)com
    2 - We are expecting Baby #3 in Feb, our youngest is 2 1/2 and this baby is was complete surprise and a great one at that! We got rid of everything and literally do not have one thing for this baby. I am looking to try cloth diapers due to the eco friendly side, as well as saving the $2000!! I could really really REALLY use this! I am a very giving person and always help people by donating to them. I could really use this as my turn and as KARMA:)

    3 - who referred you (if you win, the person who sent you here will win a $25 Fluff Envy gift card!) - Saw your tweet on twitter, so you referred me:)

  114. Pmannarino05@yahoo.com

    First of all I would be using them on my beautiful baby girl Ashlyn who is almost 7 months old. I try to do what is best for her. I breastfeed. I baby wear. I make homemade baby food. The only thing I don't do is cloth diaper and I have always wanted to but financially am not able to. In July I had planned on just going for it and making the switch but I couldn't come up with the money. This would be a great opportunity for me to do this for her and my future babies

  115. **2nd Post-With email address added**

    My 2nd child is due to arrive on 3/04/11 and we are excited to welcome a little girl to the family. My first child is 9 years old so a lot has changed over the years. My first child was diapered in huggies and not breastfead. I have grown as a mom and look forward to cloth diapering my little one. Hoping this will prevent the allergy and skin issues I had with my first. Getting started with cloth diapers is an expensive project and any help would be appreciated.


  116. sueparks2003@gmail.com
    My daughter has 3 cloth diapers with 3 children. One only uses at night. Her and my sil are willing to give it a shot but cannot afford the start up cost. I would love to help them out.

  117. mrskup1986@yahoo.com

    I have an almost 3 yr old and am due in March with our second baby. I thought about cloth with my son but chickened out and have wondered about it the whole time. Now that #2 is on the way, I have been thinking about it again and trying to convince my husband that it is the best choice. He likes the idea but isnt crazy about the up front cost. This would be an awesome way to try them out and show him its worth it!

    Referred by Dibs!

  118. the_mrsparker@comcast.net

    My name is Marie. I have a potty trained 3 year old who I used disposibles with. We are currently TTC and I fully have my heart set on going cloth all the way. I was so overwhelmed the first time around with the options, washing, etc that I chickened out. I am still a little overwhelmed with my diapering choices. So given a chance like this I could find out early on which way I want to go with my money, whether it be AIO, AI2, prefolds, etc.

    Dibs sent me.

  119. wittlewun at aol dot com
    I want to start cloth diaperingl but am having a hard time affording to start. I have a 17 month old and a 4 month old to diaper. Im trying to build a stash to get started and this would really really help! lindsay saladino on fb referred me

  120. My name is Corey and I try to cloth diaper but get frustrated that i dont even have enough for one day so i only do ocassionally... plus im still not sure what would work best for my son at the stage he is at... so i would love to win to try some more out (Dibs! sent me)

  121. My name is Roman, and I am trying to convince my wife to try cloth diapering! It may sound funny that a husband is trying to get his wife to CD, but where I come from that is the norm. My SIL cloth diapers so my wife is able to see how it is done these days (beyond prefolds and pins), but she doesn't see the good of spending that much at one time. This would be the perfect opportunity to show my wife how economical cloth diapering is! For this reason, I am entering me/us into this contest!


  122. brittanyerisman@yahoo.com

    I would love to try cloth diapering, but I'm not able to afford the initial expense. I am expecting my first little one, who I'm sure would love to try them out! ;)

    Referred by Annie Barber

  123. kirkjoanna@aol.com

    I have two kids in diapers right now and would love to give cloth diapers a try. I've heard that its good for kids who get rashes often too.

    Referred by Sarah Abrego via Facebook

  124. momasboo@yahoo.com
    I would cloth diaper my grandkids!

    @BonniesBows at yates@otelco.net sent me

  125. lampstandlily@hotmail.com

    I am currently removing clutter from many areas of my life. I want to live a more simple life. My daughter is 11 months old and has recently been fighting with a bad diaper rash for about three weeks. It gets a little better and then flares up again. I want to use cloth diapers on her and any other babies we have. This would simplify our lives by relieving the diaper rash, stretching our dollars by reusing dipers, saving energy from waiting for the best sales to match with coupons, and saving time that would be spent researching which cloth diaper products to buy. It's so overwhelming for a noob! You should also pick me because if there are items that don't work for us for some reason, I will pass them along to someone else to give it a whirl!

    I was referred by Dibs!

  126. nrjackson02@gmail.com
    I would really love to win, we need to save money and not having to buy diapers would help ALOT! My husband recently got laid off from work and just got a job making $3 less an hr than what he was. I am a stay at home mom of 3. We are trying to potty train our 2 yr old boy but we have 1 yr old twin girls, that's who I would be using the cloth diapers on. DiaperDuckling referred me, she was giving me info on cloth diapering but we can't afford to pay all that money upfront for it.

  127. I would really love to win! I don't cloth diaper yet but I would LOVE to try it. My husband is a bit skeptical but I hear so many great things.

    Heather Irwin referred me.

  128. 1. loveliveshere2@yahoo.com
    2. Because disposables are expensive! Cloth diapering 1.5 year old boy and a newborn due in March.
    3. Hillary Westbrook referred me

  129. 1. mamabear8it@gmail.com

    2. On Friday we found out that our 2nd (and last) child is actually TWINS! With the cost of diapers, I am afraid of the extra cost with two babies. I would love to try cloth diapering but it is so expensive to get started...but would love to give it a shot!

    3. Stacy Tangelder referred me.

  130. 1. brknmamma@yahoo.com

    2. I have used huggies for all 4 kids so far but my little man seem sto be having so many issues with them irritating his skin. I discovered people used cloth diapers & thought hey maybe I should try w/ him to save his lil bottom. Just dont have any money to buy a good size stash to start out with :(

    3. Dibs! sent me =)

  131. 1 - lasallefamily at gmail.com
    2 - My oldest daughter is pregnant with twin boys. She and her 5 year old daughter live with us (my husband, myself and our 16 year old). When my daughter goes back to work after the twins are born I will be watching them. I have talked her into cloth diapering. We haven't done it before but with two babies I think it would be more cost efficient and would be better for the environment too!
    My husband has been fighting esophageal cancer since December 15, 2009 and our family pulled together to help each other. When we have to be gone for his treatments, my oldest daughter is here with her little sister (and daughter). When we are home I watch the kids and care for my husband.
    We'd really love to cloth diaper the boys when they are born (Feb 2011) and would love to win this contest to help have enough cloth diapers since we're having to build a stash times TWO!
    3 - Dibs! referred me!

    And we follow Fluff Envy on FB. :)

  132. Bobbi Jo

    I am pregnant with my 4 th child and never considered cloth diapering
    Until I questioned how I could save money and be more " green".
    I have no clue where to start so I saw a sale online and on impulse bought 12! Upon further research I questioned if I bought the right diapers and realized I had and still have no clue about cloth diapering and all the different products I could buy. Seriously whats a cover? How many inserts? What's an AIO? Fleece inserts what? There's alot I do not know but willing to learn as I'm determined to save money and the environment .

  133. 1.Icegirl4211@aol.com

    2. I REALLYYY want to start cloth diapering. We cannot afford the up front fee right now though. I am also trying REALLLY hard to convince my husband about it. Everyone here thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do it. But, I know it's best. =)I would be cloth diapering my 7 1/2 month old daughter.

    3. Dibs! sent me

  134. 1. sdsitler@hotmail.com

    2. I want to try cloth diapering...all the different types are a little overwhelming...this prize sounds perfect for my 9 week old daughter...and second when he/she comes!

    3. Dibs! sent me

  135. HisAirForceBride@yahoo.com

    For many different reasons my husband and I are interested in cloth diapers! Disposibles can be very expensive over time (we're hoping to have 3-4 kids) and can have a lot of problems if they don't agree with baby's skin. So we're opting to try cloth and want to get a head start on getting things for baby, including diapers before he or she arrives! This will be for our first baby due in July!!!

    Amanda McCormack referred me :)

  136. mamadews07@aol.com

    I am currently pregnant and would LOVE to cloth diaper this baby when he/she is born. I used disposables with my son who is now 3 and wish I could have afforded to do it when he was in diapers, but life has a way of changing things when you least expect it and you cant always afford what you want...truth be told I cant afford it now either, but I would still love to do it, and if I can start my collection off right then that makes it even better!!

    I have never won anything in my life, and even if it is "technically" for me, this would be the best thing ever!!!

  137. 1. trishabear1970 at yahoo dot com

    2. I'd love to win so I could CD my 6 week old daughter. She is baby number seven (My oldest will be 13 in January.) and it would be nice for her to have some new stuff of her own and to decrease dipes in the landfill. There are so many options out in the CD world that I'm not sure which brand/style/etc. would work best for my baby. Being a SAHM of 7 kids means that money can be tight at times. I'd hate to spend a hundred dollars or more on some dipes and wind up hating them because that particular brand or style doesn't work well for us. This give away would allow us to try multiple products and then pass them down to my SIL who is expecting twin boys in about 2 months. (She too would like to use cloth diapers.)

    Sorry, my newborn mommy brain is extra fuzzy this morning so I'm not finding my thoughts to be organized or my writing to be phenomenal. :)

    Good luck to all the families entering this drawing. I hope whoever wins finds great success with cloth diapers.

    3. I, Trisha Wieber, referred myself to Fluff Envy.

    P.S. I'm hoping to convince my hubby to use CDs even after our baby begins solid foods down the line. The 'yuck' factor can definitely be a turn off for him.

  138. ksobieck@hotmail.com

    My name is Kelly and I am pregnant with my first baby (and due in 8 days!) I talked with a lot of moms about diapering and knew right away that I wanted use cloth for a number of reasons. For the past year, I have been unable to work full-time and plan to be a stay at home mom once baby is here. I know that on my husband's income, it just makes sense to use cloth instead of disposables. But even better than that, I will be able to reuse these diapers when we have more children in the future. I love that we can help save the environment so easily by not pitching toxic garbage into landfills. I love that I can be a source of information to other moms about the benefits of cloth. Two friends have already switched to cloth since I started singing it's praises, and another is considering making the switch. And with my sensitive skin, I love that I won't have to worry about my baby's sensitive areas being affected by the chemicals and unnatural materials in disposables. Because I'm just starting out in mommyland, it would be great to win so that I could try different types of dipes and see what works best for us by using this assortment. We've gotten a lot of resistance to the idea of cloth from our family...my mom and my mother-in-law have both passed away and we keep hearing from others what a difficult time we will have with our first baby and not too much help, but my husband is 100% in this with me... he even explained to his 74 year old grandmother the other day how much easier cloth is supposed to be now than it was back in the days of plastic pants and metal pins! I've gone to the extent of educating myself and others about the benefits of cloth, now I just need the stash to prove I can do it and to show others how easy it is!

  139. My name is Tracey. thecondies@gmail.com
    I have 2 15 month-old girls. I have been on the fence about cloth diapering. Having twin girls, diapers cost us a ton! But getting started on cloth diapering would cost a ton for us, which we really don't have right now. I would love a chance to win!! Would really help us out right now. Was referred by Haute Mommy on Facebook.

  140. My e-mail: stacy@tuckersdoggiedelights.com

    My name is Stacy and I'm due May 3rd with my first. I have been reading about doing cloth diapers and talking to people about it for a little while now, even before getting pregnant. When I told my Mom and Grandma that I wanted to do cloth, they were all for it, which almost surprised me, but they think I should do it. I really really want to do cloth, I know that there are so many benefits, one of them being the cost in the long run. It is also just so much better for the environment and more comfortable for the baby. I know if I can do this I will continue to do cloth with any future children. I know it can be a bit to start though, so winning this would really help us get started. Thank you for this opportunity and chance to win!
    Referred by Lisa Gauslow

  141. My email is Sweet20j@yahoo.com

    I would LOVE to win because cloth diaper has always intrigued me and after going through disposables with my first 2 I hate it. I look at all these cute babies in their printed fluffy bottoms and soo want my Liliana to have a cute diaper too as opposed to the rough feeling Luvs we have. Also, if I were to win this would be a great starter kit and maybe get the hubby on board!! I would be cloth diapering my youngest, Liliana who is 7 months. She's got to much personality and attitude to just wear a plain ole boring white diaper. She needs something playful & colorful like her! Thanks for the chance!

    I saw you post when I was on the BabyLegs profile on FB. Soo, I guess you refered me ;)

  142. My e-mail is akdelk@anderson.edu, sent by Cloth Diaper Me on Facebook.

    I am due April 4 with our first baby, which we have been confidently told is a boy. When I first found out I was pregnant, my plan was to stock up on disposables that were on sale throughout my pregnancy, so we would have a head start before the baby is due. But a friend I went to college with and her sister-in-law have been very encouraging about trying cloth diapering. After looking into cost, I realized it would be a good way to go...esp. because I am not working right now, and we don't have a lot of money to go around. My mom cloth diapered me as a baby, so I know it can be done. However, she passed away when I was a teen. My stepmom, sister, and other family members have been acting like I have lost my mind to consider it. My older sister even told me that I should plan on supplying disposables if she babysits. So, needless to say, my family has not been the most supportive with the whole idea. My mother-in-law is supportive, but she thinks the price of new ones is too high...so she probably won't be helping to purchase any. It would be great to win, because it would be just that much less that I would have to end up paying for in the end. I am excited about this opportunity! Thanks!

  143. RussShan2005@yahoo.com - Dibs! sent me.

    I would be trying it out on my 17 month old son. I wish I would have tried it on my oldest, who is 4 - would have saved us lots of money as we are still training with him!!


  144. 1 - mrsafrobro@yahoo.com
    2 - I really want to cloth diaper my second child (expected next year)but my hubby isn't on board and wont let me spend the money up front to start with a decent stash
    3 - Dibs referred me!

  145. Autumng dot foley at gmail dot com

    I would love to win. My sister cloth diapers and is always trying to get me started! If she could I know she would... but times are hard and she can't help out that way. I'm very familiar with the CD world I have done a lot of research in what I want or what is new. Anyway I have put cloth on my DD (16 months) but only at my sisters and have seen how easy it could be! For a long time we didn't do it b/c we didn't have a washer but now we do and we still haven't started. With all that is going in on in life we can't just put the money down. Believe me if we could we would! I'm having a little boy in about 14 weeks and would love to bring him to a cloth diaper home. I don't see that happening any other way than to win a few giveaways or this... but you just never know. Thank you for this opportunity and what a blessing this will be for someone!

    My sister of course:) Stephanie W.

  146. My name is Jessica and I am pregnant with our first child who is due March 16, 2011. I would like to try cloth diapers to try and save money and because I have heard of so many benefits to th babies who are cloth diapered. I have been trying to save money to try and start getting a supply of cloth diapers before the baby arrives but when I start looking at cloth diapers I am overwhelmed with all the different ones that are out and am nervous about getting something that won't work or that we won't like so the ability to win some to try out would be awsome. Thanks for this great opportunity.
    Jessica Hilton

  147. Juliet46151@yahoo.com

    I have 5 children. 4 boys and a girl. My daughter is 22 months ols. I have never wanted to cloth diaper untill my son (he is 8 ) actually brought it up to me. He wants us to be more GREEN, after doing a little reserch and seeing what wonderfull prints there are i thought wow this would be great.It is great for the environment, and in the end it is cost effective. The starter cost is what gets me. If I do start cloth diapering my son also gets extra credit in school.I am very excited to give it a try. I have 2 other moms to be. That will follow me if I am successful

  148. We would Love to win this wonderful gift for our little Lilliana! She is 8 weeks old and exclusively BF... I have pondered cloth diapering since her birth not only because they are so darn cute, but also so much better for the environment the thought of one of those little Pampers sitting in the landfill for 500yrs is pretty heart-wrenching! I have just been skeptical about things like cleaning poo, and startup costs that we cant afford.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway,
    Nikki Saull

  149. 1 - outofthoughts-1@hotmail.com
    2 - I would be cloth diapering my beautiful 5 month old Layla, I should win because I have always wanted to try cloth diapers but haven't had any extra money to try new things as my fiancée and I have been laid off since may/10. I would be able to stop disposable diapers and actually save any little money we have to put towards other necessities. I would also be able to keep great care of the diapers and hand them down to my sister who is trying to have a baby. These diapers would save a lot of people money in the end.
    3 - Chrissy Reed referred me.

    I believe I did already post a comment but wasn't able to find it in the posts above. Hopefully this will be entered in.

  150. 1-kerry_doyle@hotmail.com
    2-We just built a home for our expanding family and had to battle tooth and nail to keep as many things "green" as possible. Now, we are moving to all things "green" for baby, including cloth diapers for our amazing son, Liam. I want to set a good example for him and for those around us by using cloth diapers!

    3 - Nikki Weiland

  151. Brittney Brown
    Was refered by Atina Roberts


    I used disposables with my first daughter and it coest me a small fortune. Luckily I she potty trained by 15 months, but she always had some sort of terrible rashes.

    I now have a 3 month old little girl who I would love to cloth diaper. So I do not have to repeat what I went through with my first daughter. I have no knowledge about cloth diapers and never knew how many types and styles there were! I don't know how to use them or the cost involved. I would love to start cloth Diapering along with ECing. :) I also would love to set an example to those around me. My daughter is EBF and plan to BLW, and we co-sleep and baby wear! I feel like Cloth diapers will just fit nicely into my lifesyle!

    Also I am a SAHM and my Fiance is working but with two kids money is tight. It will save us some money ain he long run to use cloth Diapers!! :)

  152. Shastinchambers@yahoo.com

    I have an almost 18 month old daughter whom I breastfed for the first 5 months. (regettably)
    Everyday I strive to be more and more eco safe/environment friendly. In the beginning I thought about doing cloth and never did. I am now pregnant (23 weeks) and am going to do things a little different (in a more posotive way) cloth diapers is definetely one of them! Just another way to be headed down the road of becoming a better mother everyday! I would be cloth diapering my newborn in March as well as my other child who will be 2 in june of next year. Which by then I plan to have her potty trained (fingers crossed)I wont complain if she is in March. And regardless of winning I am headed down the road to a better bottom and a better world :) peace and love and thank you.

    Dani Liddicoat

  153. Katherine Inserra
    katherine inserra @ gmail . com

    I was referred by Lauren Gaughan.

    I have never used cloth diapers. It's not that I think cloth diapering is crazy or anything, it's the same as many who would like to but haven't; the start up cost. My Husband is in the US Navy, enlisted, which doesn't pay as much as people think.

    I'm a SAHM to an almost 6-yo and we'll be joined by #2 after my Husband returns from a 7 month deployment in early 2011. I'm also a full-time student through an online program through a renowned college. I plan on nursing the second exclusively, just like I did the first. I would love to win this prize so that I can also cloth diaper, helping us personally reduce our waste and make our families expansion as green as possible.

  154. gardner.alyssa@gmail.com

    My daughter is 6 months old, her name is Zoey. She is my first child, we were blessed to have her only because our doc told us having a baby would never be possible for us. I have been wanting to reduce our fingerprint and become more green. So many things in our life have changed in the ways we do things. Cloth diapering has always been on the back of my mind but being a lower income family, it is hard to afford just a huge hit at once. My child is a heavy pee-er at night (hah.) I am considering cloth for a better option to not having to change the sheets in her crib almost nightly. So I would love to make my fingerprint as green as possible for my child and her children to grow up in a healthy environment.

    Referred by Erin Brown to this blog!

  155. 1 - lizhuff@sbcglobal.net

    2 - I am currently pregnant with my first little one due 2/2011 and I've been really intrested in CDing (both to reduce unneeded waste and to keep my LO from the unnneeded chems in disposables). I've been tapping the knowledge of my ONE friend who CDs to try to figure out how to start and the logistics of it all. I've been really overwhelmed trying to figure out just the "right" combo of different fluff to start with. So much so I've given up a few times (it doesn't last long because I really want to try it out). My hope is that I will be successful enough that my friends (who think I'm off my rocker with the CDing idea) will see how easy and beneficial CDing is and may try it out for themselves.

    3 - Colby Yeager referred me - she's been an amazing well of CDing information for me!!!

  156. 1) Sreetastic@hotmail.com

    2) We would love to start cloth diapering with my daughter. I don't have an elaborate story as some others do, I just would like her to be in a soft, fluffy bum, rather than a disposable paper bum. I have been interested in CDing for a while now, but don't have the resources to get started.

    3) Victoria Vajda referred me :) She deserves a $25 gift card!!

  157. 1 - angel_tx_2005@yahoo.com

    2 - I would love to win the cloth diapers so that I can finally have the chance to try cloth diapering my one year old daughter. Diapers are getting pretty expensive and I know they couldnt be very comfortable. I can't afford to buy cloth diapers (and I dont think my husband would agree to letting me buy them either..) but I think I could get him on the bandwagon if I won a bunch of them to use! Thanks for the giveaway!

    3 - Ashley Turner Stell referred me!

  158. 1 - ashtaylor@fmctc.com

    2 - I want to cloth diaper our 2 children (ages 3 and 7 months) but it's such a large investment to start - not to mention there are so many options! Winning here would not only give us a start on it but allow us to try out a system of some kind. I just don't know where to start!!

    3 - Patrick Taylor sent me.

  159. 1-mbabecka@gmail.com

    2-I would be cloth diapering my 12 week old daughter.(see profile picture)

    3-I found this on my own.

  160. HI! I just gave birth to my second daughter 7 weeks early. She is so tiny and delicate. I have NEVER considered cloth diapering as this is our fourth child at home and I felt as though it is just one more thing to do (special pail, wash, maintenance, etc). I consider myself to be a very "green" individual and make it a point to be as concencious about the environment as possible; however, when it came to diapering I found myself not able to grasp "going green." My sister-in-law (Jennifer Lutz, who refered me to this site) asked me about this option several times. I graciously declined until her persistance paid off when she showed up at the hospital with a gift for mom and baby... a cloth diaper. Then click, the environmentally friendly light bulb went on in my stubborn head and I decided, "how bad can it really be?" So, here I am, asking for a little "getting started" gift to try this cloth diapering thing out! This is our last child but I have alot of friends that tend to take my advice quite regularly, so if I were to decide that cloth diapering isn't so bad, I would have alot of recommendations and others to bring along for the ride. email: bekiesmith@hotmail.com

  161. My second son just turned two on the 13th and have been wanting to cloth for awhile now! I literally drooled over this amazing giveaway! I recently read about all of the chemicals in disposables and was upset thinking of my son sitting in them all of the time! I think I should win because Chase will get a full year out of them and eventually, a sibling will wear them and I could convert all of my disposable diaper friends!


  162. penguinlover_23 at yahoo dot com

    My son is going to turn 1 next month and I really wanted to have cloth diapers for him but I thought the initial start up cost was too much and so I looked into making my own but it's just all very confusing. So, I opted for disposables, filled with chemicals, blah, I really need to switch for everyone's sake, maybe this would help! Thanks.

  163. harmonyforever508@gmail.com

    Hi. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my second child. I'm due three days after my husband is suppose to come home off deployment with the Navy. Really hoping he'll be able to make it to the birth. We've been discussing the options of using cloth diapers I would love to get started with them instead of the disposables. I know it would help with the environment and of course in the long run would save money. My first child is just finishing his potty training I had to use disposables with him. When he was born I was a full time working mom with two jobs just trying to scape by. The initial start up with cloth was just too expensive to afford. I would love to have the opportunity to start using cloth diapers for my soon to be. Thank you.

    referred by Amber L. Edwards

  164. Katy.colburn@gmail.com

    I am pretty convinced that cloth diapers are not practical for my lifestyle. I'd like to win so I can be persuaded to change my ways! I would be diapering my 18 month old now and all my future children if I win.

    Katy. C.

  165. Ajhite@indiana.edu

    Rachel Dersham sent me!

    She talks about cloth diapers like crazy!!! I am very eco friendly but i heard cloth diapers were a mess. Rachel has convinced me to try and see how easy it can be and how wonderful it is for the environment! I am a nanny and have 3 babies i would love to convince their parents to switch!!

  166. My name is Amy and my sister April Missak referred me! My sister and I had babies 5 weeks apart and she has been using cloth diapers since her daughter was born and LOVES them. She keeps trying to get me to start, but I have been a little unsure about the additional time it will take and the start up cost required to start cloth diapering! I am also concerned about the extra laundry involved (and the rinsing and cleaning of the dirty diapers). If I decide to start, I am also unsure about whether to use the pocket style or pre-fold.

    I would be using the diapers on my 9 month old daughter Lily (who is adorable) :)!! I always laugh at how cute my niece's little bum is in her cloth diapers- she has an adorable little bubble butt! I can just imagine how cute Lily's little bum would be in cloth diapers.


  167. Katy (dragon_at_heart04@hotmail.com)

    I'm one of those who has friends who cloth diaper and think they're crazy. Seriously. We've started considering it not for any of the normal reasons (it seems expensive AND terrifying to start with, and who wants either?), but rather because I don't want my kids to think I'm some sort of monster when they're adults and the disposable diaper "fad" is over (I think the world will shift to consistently more "green" products very soon). Our little boy is 2.5 and not seeming to entertain the process of potty training just yet, and we have a little girl who will be joining our family next year. If we're going to do this thing, we want to try different products so we know we're doing the best for the kids while staying in our realm of what we will realistically do for the duration of diapers in our house. Thanks to all the sponsors for their donations, too!

  168. My name is Katherine. i would love to start useing cloth diapers because i have a 6 month old and a 22 month old and they both have very sensitive skin and are always breaking out into a rash because of the disposible diapers. i dont have the money to buy everything that i need to get two little girls into cloth diapers. im a stay at home mom and i know that it would be alot better on them and on me if they were in cloth diapers.


  169. katylynnj at hotmail dot com

    I don't cloth diaper yet, but I will be cloth diapering my new baby come January. If you ask my family why I want to cloth diaper, they will tell you it's because I'm crazy...But I live in a town with a ginormous landfill and the idea that I can make even the tiniest difference with the choices I make as a parent definitely got my moving in the CD direction. I used cloth wipes with my first child and hope to use cloth diapers and cloth wipes exclusively for this baby. Oh and my 5 year old thinks they will be "so cute for the babies chunky heiny:)"

    Katy Jacobo

  170. heatherhaley@bellsouth.net

    I would love to try cloth diapering for several reasons; enconomic, environmental and for my little guy! He just turned two but is no where close to potty training. I also have one in pull ups for night and will be going to cloth for him too.
    I was referred by my sister
    Stacy A. Vidrine

  171. julielynnkay@gmail.com

    I would love to cloth diaper my very very soon to arrive son because it is so much better for the environment, easier on the budget and it will save me from doing those crazy shopping runs b/c I forgot to pick up diapers while I was out. My sister-in-law cloth diapers her son and highly recommends it.

    Jessie Nixon, my sister-in-law referred me.

  172. dolphin_gurl85@yahoo.com
    I would love to cloth diaper my son due in March... due to me being diabetic and had preemie before I am high risk and have lots of apointments every month 45mins away, that equals lots of gas money for us, so we are strugling to save any money for even the basic baby items.. this would be so great if I win.

    Refered by noone

  173. 1. thesnyders414@comcast.net
    2. I have looked into cloth diapering for the last few months or so and have just been hesitant to take the plunge. I am overwhelmed by the many choices out there so I would love to try a variety. My husband's cousin cloth diapered her daughter and recommended it, plus several women at church gave a talk about it that was very persuasive. I'm at the ponit where I'm convinced, but would love some help to get me started. If I win, I would diaper by 9 month daughter and any other children we may have.

    Sarah Spencer, a friend from college, referred me and has answered many of my cloth diapering questions.

    ~Korie Snyder

  174. 1. kristinejohnson86@hotmail.com

    2. I recently switched my family from fast food to Organic/Whole Foods. I watched a documentary that changed my life in terms of being greener. I have heard of CD before and I know many people who do but where I live it is not the norm. I would like to change that. My husband has some serious reservations about it but winning would give me the perfect opportunity to show him otherwise. Also the tooshies of my 3 boys under 3 would really appreciate it lol

    3. Referred to Fluff Envy by Melina Simonds

  175. I am so excited to find this opportunity! I am currently pregnant with our first child and I truely want to cloth diaper.however I am finding it difficult to put any on a registry list or make it convient for our friends and family tobuy them for us. Plus they all think I am crazy! They do not understand the huge benefits of cloth diapering. I have been researching for quite some time and am convienced this is the way to go. Thank you for considering my entry.


    Referred by Melissa Mayer

  176. keely4@hotmail.com

    I am expecting baby number 2 and had contemplated cloth with baby number 1 but was too skeptical to go for it. I have a friend who is doing cloth and she loves it and I'd like to give it a try.

  177. I should win this contest! I have a 2.5 y/o and a 12 m/o still in diapers (plus the 10 & 7 y/o who come with their own expenses :) ). I would use the cloth diapers for my youngest, my only son. I've been on the fence for a while now, and I'm not sure I want to make even a small investment in cloth diapers until I know for sure they are the thing for me and my family. I was referred to this contest by Jamie Hughes who has offered some awesome advice on making the switch. I can be reached at jaekin3@yahoo.com
    Jamie J

  178. Hi my name is Michelle and I would love to try cloth diapering. I am still changing diapers with my son who is two but we are TTC#2 and would to start fresh with the second baby. I'm looking to save the planet and save money.I was refered by Guggie Daly! My email addy is mmcgee0508@yahoo.com. Thank you

  179. I am pregnant with our first child and I've tried to buy everything organic and natural for the baby. Unfortunately, cloth diapers look too expensive to get into if the baby doesn't like them. I would <3 to cloth diaper our baby but every starters kit I've seen is SO expensive! I've heard all kinds of horror stories from my family members who already have kids about their babies bums breaking out in HORRIBLE rashes due to the chemicals in regular diapers. I'd HATE for this to happen to our baby. My e-mail address is MoonShayde@Aol.com
    ~Andrea W

  180. 1. jenlondon22@yahoo.com

    2. I would love to win the "I don't cloth diaper...YET" giveaway! What a AMAZING starter kit! I should win because my husband is in school and I am a recent full-time stay-at-home mom. We could really use some help financially with this! Baby #3 (a boy) is due at the end of February and my 6 year old still has accidents at night! I am so tired of buying disposable diapers for her! I would love to switch over completely- to save the money and to do something better for the environment. Thanks!
    -Jennifer L.

    3. Stephanie Marks referred me!

  181. Oh g_d, so many comments already >_<
    Here goes:

    1. Nevrandil@gmail.com

    2. It'd be awesome to win the giveaway as I am a SAHM on a budget and really passionate about green living and natural parenting and I want my baby - Matilda Lime, 14 weeks today - to be safe. (Those Disposables smell of chemicals, I feel terrible and guilty every time I have to put one on her :( )

    3. Well, a lady called Christy Kamp on 'The Leaky B@@b' on Facebook mentioned your page and the give-away to someone else...

  182. grace@mindaugas.us

    My husband and I are currently trying. My sister in law is cloth diparing with her two kids and I think it's pretty cool. I would love to try it once we have a baby.

    Stacy Tangelder told me about this. I think this is an awesome way to get people to try cloth diapers.

  183. Pcorbin9@hotmail.com

    Well when I read the description I knew I had to enter this giveaway. My friend has been trying to get me to cloth diper for years. She's crazy enough to have five (yes I said five)children, and I think she's even crazier when she talks about cloth diapers. Every time I see her she has a new CD, I always laugh at her and joke with her about finding a CD Anonymous class. I have to admit that I am a little curious about the whole CD deal. I have a one year old with very sensative skin and I know switching to CDs would be better for her. It seems a little much for me but I'm willing to give it a try

    I was referred by Adrian Shelton

  184. snelson915@gmail.com

    I would love to cloth diaper but am a bit intimidated and overwhelmed! I do not have any experience with cloth diapering and my family (husband included) think I am crazy to even entertain the idea. It would be amazing to win and be able to prove that cloth diapering is possible.

    I was sent by Cindi Tagg.

  185. fullerofpink@gmail.com

    I would be cloth diapering my unborn baby girl who is due Jan 13th. We are so excited for her to be born but with the house payment for the house that we just bought this week and all the expenses of a baby, we need all the free help we can get. Plus, my sister Heidi has told me how much she loves cloth diapering and I am so excited to try it out.

    Heidi Larsen refered me.

  186. sarah88jane@gmail.com

    I'm pregnant with mine and my husband's first baby. I have talked a lot with my sister, who already cloth diapers, about starting cloth diapers in our family as well. I'm very interested in cloth diapers for economical and environmental reasons, and what a better time to get started than with my first right from birth! With my husband just starting out in the Air Force, it would certainly help with our financial status after the baby is born as well. Also, I really like that the contest giveaway offers different brands and styles so that it would be easier to test them out and find which is preferred. We're excited to be entering the cloth diaper world!

    Referred by Stephanie Marks

  187. rutheadler@gmail.com

    I am trying to keep our family waste down and using disposables would help a lot! I also hear great things about them, less diaper rash, kids tend to potty train sooner, they are much cuter, they can be used for future babies. However, my husband is not excited about reusing diapers so having some free ones to start would really help me in getting this road started early. We plan on having our first little one very soon...

    Jessica Adler sent me!

  188. I have a few cloth diapers so I don't know if I count, if I don't go ahead and delete my comment, thanks!
    We have gotten a few cloth diapers as gifts and I found one at Goodwill, but that is it and we don't have the money to fully switch over (which I would love to do!). This is an awesome giveaway and I hope I am eligible!

  189. xxxdust2dustxxx@yahoo.com
    <3 Lilah moo sent me! My DD is 7 months old now, & as much as i would have loved to cloth diaper her FT, mostly for environmental reasons, from the beginning! the funds are just not their :( She is EBF and we're as Green as we can be on a budget! This giveaway would mean so much to our little family, THANKS FOR HOSTING IT! <3 we are so excited that maybe we can get our cuties bootie in cloth FT!!!!

  190. khelmet AT gmail DOT com

    I have two fabulous children and one due in May. I considered cloth diapers with my second after my first didn't completely potty train until almost 4. However, the start up cost of diapers was too much at the time. I'm determined to make the investment this time around. I would LOVE to switch my daughter (will be 2 when baby's born) to cloth if I can't get her trained in time. This is an awesome giveaway and a great way to get started on something I've been wanting to do for a few years. My husband is the oldest of 7 and has changed a lot of cloth diapers in his life, and he is totally on board with the switch!!

    I saw your contest on Lilah Moo on Facebook.

  191. 1 - s_toolin@comcast.net
    2 - I would love to cloth diaper our new baby due this spring.
    3 - Referred by Dibs :)

  192. bren_duh@hotmail.com

    I have been looking at cloth diapers for a while and trying to decide *is cloth diapering for me* ive asked my mom about it since she cloth diapered when i was a baby and have been told horror stories about cloth diapering and how hard it is and what a pain it is, but yet im still drawn to it for some reason. I would be going into this blind and i am relying on a lot of info that i read and see and im so lost as to what brands are better, snaps vs velcro etc etc etc its very overwhelming to be honest. I would love to try different types of cloth diapers and see for myself which ones are best and if its as horrid as my mother says it is. i am excited to try it and this might be my one chance to give it a shot. thanks so very much for the offer
    as for who referred me? it was Lilah Moo's facebook page that told me about this great giveaway

  193. babyshotty1769@hotmail.com

    i would be cloth diapering my newborn. he is 1 month old now. i have used disposables on my older son. never thought of cloth diapers. but now i am thinking about it, and have been since we were trying for another baby. very hesitant because i have no idea where to start. what is good, how do i do this and that, etc. i dont even have the money to start it up. but i have been very interested for a few years.

  194. Amy Hendrickson - derricksdoll@hotmail.com

    I am pregnant with our first baby and soooo excited to learn the cloth diapering ways!! One of my good friends is a die-hard cloth diaperer and I can't wait to try it but I have no idea where to start! Living in ND we don't have many resources for natural babying and cloth diapers so I hope I win!! Thanks!

    Referred by Katie Stramer

  195. drusnak0204 at sbcglobal net dot
    My daughter began cloth diapering my grandddaughter, but I haven't changed a diaper since she switched from pampers. This would show her that I am on board and support her plus give me a little stash for my house!
    My daughter, Danielle Harper, told me about this giveaway.

  196. goodmannsince01@aol.com

    I am pregnant with my 4th child and serioulsy considering cloth diapering for the first time. I have several friends who cloth diaper and it seems the benefits for our economy and children's health by far outway the cost to begin! My friend, Robyn Stone, referred me to this site, thankfully!
    Amanda Goodmann

  197. raes@ptd.net
    I should win because I have been considering using cloth diapers since my son was born, not only for the enviroment but to also save money. I am still a little standoffish because of how I hear they are hard to use, leak, and stink. The only people that I know that use cloth are the Amish around here and they use the diapers you fold yourself and those scare me with the early morning changes. I would love to try out different type of diapers to find a style that fits my son (he is a big boy and would most likely be hard to fit.)

  198. 187

    My name is Natalie, and I am a SAHM of two and military wife. I would love to win this because my second child Jasmine is always sick and getting rashes. She is almost 15 months old and I really think cloth diapering would be better for her. I have wanted to try CDing with my 6 year old when he was a baby but never had the money to get started and the same thing happened with Jasmine. I know if and when I have baby number three I would use them again.

  199. 1. heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com
    2. I am pregnant with our first child (a boy!), due at the end of January. I have been researching cloth diapering since we started TTC, so I am definitely on board! Convincing my H to do this (considering the initial investment) has been a little....interesting to say the least. Tie this in with the fact that my job has recently been cut to part-time status and will most likely be eliminated soon, any help with building our stash would be such a HUGE help for us.

    This is a really great giveaway that you put together, thanks for the opportunity!!

  200. ohjoyanotherboy@yahoo.com

    I would love to cloth diaper, I have been diapering disposables for about 6 years now. I love how cloth look and how they are chemical free. I would be baby #3 and I was referred by Lisanne Gibson.