Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight: AppleCheeks

Thank you to our next sponsor of the "I Don't Cloth Diaper...YET" giveaway!!

AppleCheeks has so many great products, it will be hard not to list them all!! Their versatile diaper is a favorite in our house. It can be used as an All-in-Two/AI2 (lay the bamboo insert on top of the pocket and reuse the cover) or a pocket diaper (stuff in the insert inside the pocket). My husbands favorite part? You don't have to unstuff the diaper before washing! My favorite part is the fit. They are a two-size system. Size 1 fits from 7-20 lbs and size 2 fits from 18-40 lbs. They have elastic in both the front and the back of the diaper, so even the squirmiest baby doesn't get gaps around their waist. Love it!
AppleCheeks has all of the products to get you through cloth diapering and being a mommy - envelope covers, inserts, boosters, liners, storage sacs, cloth wipes, cleansing solution, nursing pads, swim diapers and even waist extenders to get the most use out of your diapers! Did I mention that all AppleCheeks products are 10% at Fluff Envy? If you haven't tried one, now is the time! If you've tried them before, you already know how great they are, so stock up!

For our "I Don't Cloth Diaper...YET" giveaway, AppleCheeks has very generously donated THREE Little Bundles - one for each prize basket. A Little Bundle includes an envelope cover (now available in 8 gorgeous colors) and a 2 layer bamboo flat. This is a very trim, very absorbent diaper with an amazing fit!

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Thank you AppleCheeks!!


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