Friday, November 19, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight: Blueberry/Swaddlebees

A big thank you to Blueberry for sponsoring Fluff Envy's "I Don't Cloth Diaper...YET" giveaway!

Where to start? They have so many great products, it will be hard to not mention ALL of them! I'll start with what I like to call the Cadillac of diapers - their Minkys!! These diapers are so incredibly soft and luxurious! They offer both a stay dry inner or a bamboo velour inner AND also an option of inserts - either microfiber or super-absorbent bamboo. The same options are available with their one-size deluxe diapers. Both are excellent overnight diapers in our house. Our heavy wetter can stay dry in these, so they get a huge thumbs up from us!

They also have a one-size diaper cover called Coveralls. All of their diaper options come in amazing prints and color choices! It's hard to not want them all!

Be sure to also check out their Swaddlebees and Pink Daisy lines for even more diapers, covers, accessories and a complete line of mama products!

Blueberry has very generously donated a prize package for each of our three baskets! Each basket will get the following items:

**One-size Minky cow print pocket diaper with bamboo inserts
**10 Pack of cloth wipes
**One pair of nursing pads
**Small wet bag

Please thank them for these amazing donations! You can find them here:

Their website
Like them on Facebook
Join their mailing list for great deals and offers!


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