Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight: Booroi

Welcome to our first sponsor spotlight!! Thank you to Booroi for being a very generous sponsor of our "I Don't Cloth Diaper...YET" giveaway!

Booroi is an Australian company that offers the most amazing bamboo prefolds, plush bamboo prefolds, side snapping covers, cloth wipes and wet bags. You can check out their products here. These pictures don't do them justice - their prefolds are softer than any baby blankets that we own!! Talk about total luxury for your most precious baby's bottom! Their side snapping covers come in 8 vibrant solids and 2 fun prints.

Booroi has donated a wonderful prize for each of our three prize packages. They have sent each basket ONE side snapping PUL cover and a SIX pack of bamboo prefolds (retail value of $64.90 - $72.90 each basket)!!

Please thank them for their generosity and support of this giveaway. You can find them here:

On Facebook - they will be having a giveaway once they reach 500 fans too!! Tell them Fluff Envy sent you :)

If you have any questions about them, please let me know. Thank you!!


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